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Bygone Installations (Essex) Ltd are proud to present the results of the recent CPA survey which was conducted by the CPA, and encourages our customers to review the level of service and quality of the experiece that they received during their recent installation. Needless to say, they result simply speak for themselves, giving us an unbeatable 100% across the board. That's why our customers recomend us.

The following extract is taken from the official CPA Report for 2009 which can be downloaded in PDF format at the bottom of this page.

Quality Installer - Annual Survey Report

The following chart is made up from the scores each customer awarded the company in respect of their overall performance. The scoring is supplied by the customer when they apply for their Insurance Backed Guarantee once their home improvement contractor has been completed. The overall contract performance of the company is assessed by the following choice of scores. Excellent, Very Good, Good, Satisfactory or Poor.

The results are represented in the following pie chart...

Bygone CPA 2009 Pie Chart

Bygone Installations (Essex) Ltd - Member No. 2046

This report is produced by the consumer protection association in order to assist the company in maintaining, and where possible improving, standards of quality and service.

Further results are represented in the following bar chart...

Bygone CPA Results Chart

Customer confidentiality has been respected throughout.

The CPA results for Bygone Installations (Essex) Ltd, are without question, outstanding, and we strive to continue to build on our quality reputation. You can download copys of the reports below, or get in touch by using our contact us page. One of our experienced representatives will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.

CPA Survey - PDF Downloads

Please us the links below to download a copy of our PDF reports.

Download report 1

Download report 2


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