Wendy Balaam

Hi Eddy and Wendy

Thank you for your letter received recently regarding the above programme. I watched it and was really pleased to see how the young couple were helped out eventually after the awful workmanship of the original company. I hate to hear that vulnerable people have been conned. Our 2 daughters (Sarah and Kate) have recently bought their first homes and they could easily have been in similar situations to Caroline and Sean. Eddie looks younger every time I see him!!

We have always been pleased with the work you’ve done for us over the years and we have regularly recommended you to other people. What we particularly liked was the pricing – not cheap but you always knew where you stood and there was no pushy sales person trying to get you to order by a certain time ‘to qualify’ for a discount. Another sign of trust in a company is their ‘after sales service’ – when little repairs have been needed, you have provided the service without hesitation.

With best wishes to you both and hope to catch up sometime.

Wendy Balaam xx

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